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Traditionally, when erecting scaffold vertically downwards, the scaffolder stands on a one foot tee piece, known as a 'dropper' (see above image).  This presents the following issues:


Uncomfortable to stand on a scaffold tube; physically painful after approximately 5 minutes.

Due to only one point of contact per foot, the worker is unbalanced and must therefore work on one leg, with the other wrapped around the  dropper.  This in turn means one hand must hold the vertical tube for balance leaving only one hand free to accept tubes & fittings.

Restricted work position; only two options, 0 or 180 degrees.

Restricted work position means occasionally working with the safety line wrapped over a shoulder or under an arm.  This is uncomfortable

and may create complications in the event of a fall.

The solution is elegantly simple.


A 30cm diameter circular platform with a central aperture, welded to a collar, allowing the unit to slide over a standard scaffold tube.  This was designed to be secured using an existing standard scaffold 'double' clip.




The 4mm carbon steel plate is laser cut, with several half inch holes punched out in a way that leaves a slight lip to grip the workers boots.  It has an electrostatically coated zinc finish.


The advantages:

Heel and toe contact means the worker is well balanced, and can even have both hands free to

receive tubes & fittings.

360 degree work positioning.  This eliminates working with the safety line wrapped under / over a


More comfortable; no more painful pressure points on the soles of the feet means the worker can

either work longer or be free from the frustration caused by pain and therefore less likely to have an accident.

Sales in the UK

The Scaffdisc is distributed in the UK by Beaver 84.  Please contact:, or ring (+44) 01698 358877.


Sales outwith the UK

For sales outwith the UK, please contact:, or ring (+44) 01922 620202.

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